Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What would my excuses have been today?

It was pouring this morning and I woke with a headache.  In fact, as I sit here and look outside, although the rain stopped, the headache endures.  I could say "uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh I don't feel like walking - it's cloudy, damp, no energy, so much to do - need to make the shopping list for the grocery store, need to fold laundry, need to start cooking, yada yada yada. Change isn't easy, in fact - I wrote most of this blog post over an hour ago with the plan to go out then. All the familiar reasons of days gone by.

But that was the old me, the one from the day before yesterday and many days and years before that,  a queen of excuses not to exercise. That person cannot exist today. Inspiration comes from Yossi Ghinsberg who succinctly talks about  The Now is Here ( click "next" at the link to get to page 2 in order to hear what he has to say).

I'm going to get up from this chair now and challenge myself to don a  t-shirt, comfy slacks and Saucony sneakers, go outside - in the humid sticky Boca Raton weather, and take the 4.4 mile walk.  I am moving.  When I return it'll be 117.2 to Marco.

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