Monday, November 30, 2009

A light day with exercise - work got in the way - is that an excuse? Maybe.

12:00 noon Walked 2.2 miles with a dear neighbor friend (we're quite sure we were sisters in a past life).  I feel energized to sit down and do the editing of a document for work and am looking forward to taking a stretch break in a few hours.  Ended up running some errands rather than walking again.

This morning I had thoughts about how this is not unusual - to start with an exercise program and be gung ho and go all out....the challenge will come in the future when the energy to continue wanes and the positive changes in body start to feel a little uncomfortable and self-sabotage comes in...more on that later.  This time WILL be different.

Looking forward to yin yoga class tomorrow - something in addition to the  walking.

92.5 to Marco

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