Tuesday, November 24, 2009

126 to Marco

Welcome to n=1, Overcoming Exercise Resistance; my newest blog.

For years I've thought about the phrase "exercise resistance" (in my mind a play on the words insulin resistance) and often pondered what the tipping point is to clear the hurdle of resisting exercise. Specifically, how do individuals who once struggled to "find time", or made incalculable excuses, switch to not only embracing exercise, but implementing it into a life-long commitment to oneself. I am human and determined to move (physically and mentally) from pondering to action.

This endeavor will be a very small pilot research study (n=1) and will explore thoughts that emerge with resisting exercise and, more importantly, the motivation to move past those thoughts and commit to a more healthful way of living. One day, one step, one thought, one class...at a time.

"126 to Marco" explained: I live 126 miles from Marco Island Florida (according to Google maps). The magnificent Family Support Weekend for families with Children with Diabetes will convene on December 31, 2009. I will see dear friends and make new ones there, and plan to walk the beautiful beach effortlessly with others. So, I have decided to walk 126 miles, on average 4 miles per day at a time, in and around my neighborhood between now and December 31, 2009.

I "missed" the weekly YinYoga class today - excuse: too busy online with Twitter (follow me @CureT1Diabetes), Facebook, creating this blog, various email accounts etc. and I didn't prepare well - you may know the drill. However, I'm going to log off now and walk my dog for 4 miles. And so begins the journey of one.

Thanks for reading and please share what motivates you to exercise consistently.

(p.s. If you know of a tool I can use to log my steps and post exercise on the blog, please let me know. )

(p.p.s. Comment 13 here in the NYTimes on November 18, 2009: In a study of overcoming exercise resistance (n=1) ;-) I’ve discovered that when walking, there’s a surge of joy that occurs just about at the 2 mile marker which produces a boost of energy to walk at least another 2 miles or more depending upon the weather.
— Ellen H. Ullman, MSW
Day 1 -Walked 4.4 miles with the dog and even jogged a tiny bit. 121.6 to Marco


  1. Great blog Ellen.

    Here's how I exercise every day (and I mean every day). I never think about it, I just do it. I go to the gym every day except for Saturdays when I walk (or bike in the spring/summer) and Sundays when I either go to the gym (fall), ski (winter) or bike (spring/summer). I never think to myself, should I go? I just go. I laugh to myself sometimes because I'm up so early and out the door that I am sometimes still half asleep. It's just part of my day, part of my routine and I never question whether I should go. I could be an add for Nike - just do it. So, my advice is just do it.

    It does help to have a goal which is how I got up early in the spring/summer to get on the bike.

    My sister has a Garmin--check that out for keeping track of distance and I think you can post your route and other info on the web. Hope this helps.

  2. Ouch..does this include me? - Jeffry

  3. Ellen, enjoyed reading your blog and goodness knows I can relate. I was twiggy and could eat anything and not gain an ounce until I turned 43 which was xxxx years ago. I find that if I get up and exercise first thing (after my 1st cup of coffee and cursory review of e-mail of course) then I don't really have time to come up with excuses and I am well on my way. I think your 126 miles to Marco and will join you (in spirit at least) for your daily walks and in giving each other a daily dose of inspiration. We can do this!