Monday, February 15, 2010

Bursting with Enthusiasm - a New Measurable and Achievable Goal

I've been walking but not with consistency that feels fabulous.  So my new goal for the next 4 weeks is to walk 5 out of 7 days per week and to keep track of it.  I truly LOVE walking - it feels splendid, the weather is perfect in south Florida this time of year and there is beauty in abundance all around.  The iPhone is also a companion when walking - it's the first thing I grab before walking out the door.  I recently downloaded the shakshuka app to listen to Israel radio live.  It's almost surreal to walk in the USA and tune in...surreal in a wonderful way.

Of course, I love taking pics everywhere. And, had I not walked the dog this morning with a friend, I would have missed the amazing pomegranate fruit bursting open on my next door neighbor's tree.  This picture really captures my essence today - sunny disposition, bursting with enthusiasm to set  a new goal and  feel filled with life.  The first picture was taken with my iPhone.  The others with a Panasonic Lumix.

And a blossom on the tree.

There is also a Jewish connection with the seeds in the fruit and doing good deeds ("mitzvot").  A month from now I will be in Washington DC speaking at an FDA panel meeting representing patients/patients' families and their experiences with home blood glucose monitoring.  We need improved accuracy with those meters and the voice I can provide, feels like a very good deed.

The progress with the goal I last mentioned on the blog, eating mindfully, is a bit more vague. Perhaps I need to more clearly define how I can measure its success.  However, my refrigerator is filled with wondrous  produce, as is my counter, and I've been cooking delicious and healthy foods - so that's another plus in having an increased awareness about my vision for ultimate health and wellness.  I made a chayote squash dish a few nights ago.  Yesterday I made shakshuka which was fabulous.  And last night steamed some baby bok choy.  Wondering how I'll cook this squash today....any suggestions?

Keeping track of walking - Day 1 of 7 - walked 2.2 miles in the morning.