Saturday, December 5, 2009

Is 52 Too Old to Skip Down the Street? Absolutely Not!

What an amazing walk I just had.  It was starting to drizzle and having not walked the last two days I knew it was time to just get up and go.  I looked at my dog and told her that she had to know it may rain while we're out there - she seemed to not understand (because she hates to get wet) and let me slip the leash on and away we went.  It drizzled, then rained, then drizzled,

then the sun came out and there was a breeze. If we hadn't walked in the rain, I would never have gotten to see the gorgeous hibiscus above - more proof that overcoming the resistance adds to life.

We walked at least 1.5 hours if not longer ( no idea how far we went so I'll underestimate to add to the mileage) in total today.  Cindy Lauper was the music du jour on the iPhone.  We walked 1/2 the usual once around the neighborhood and then ventured out across the main road into another neighborhood and went around twice there.  When we came back into our neighborhood and when we were halfway home a great song came on the iPhone and I just started skipping - I felt as if I was floating and it was so much fun for the little while I managed to do it before my feet were burning and I realized a need for water.

So I came home and looked up skipping as a form of exercise. I can't seem to get comfortable running, but skipping is something I can do.  When's the last time you went outside and skipped down the street?  :-) 

I'll estimate 4.4 miles walked so far today.

79.3 to Marco
 4.4 10:00 p.m. - just came back from another 4.4 miles - lovely walking at night.
74 .9 to Marco

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