Thursday, December 24, 2009

An established new healthy habit.

53.2 to Marco was the mileage last logged in this blog.  I've missed 3 days walking between December 12 and today.  I'm going to attempt to add up how much I've walked in that time by looking through facebook - whatever the number, I've been walking a lot and LOVING it!!  Last night I walked 7 miles (1.5 - chatted with a neighbor for 30 minutes) and then the stamina is improving.  My feet are also burning - definitely need to investigate buying new fabulous sneakers.  I tried on an obscenely expensive pair but may go for it - I've run a bit and skipped a bit but it burns the balls of my feet with the current shoes.

December 13 - 0 miles
December 14 - 0 miles
December 15 - 3.5 miles(Walk in the rain with the dog and lots of pictures)
December 16 - 4.4 miles(Texture walk - lots of pictures)
December 18 - 4.4 miles
December 19 - 11 miles (in segments 2.2+2.2+2.2+4.4)
December 20 - 4.4 miles
December 21 - 5 miles - part on the beach with my mother
December 22 - 0 miles
December 23 - 7 miles - sunset through dark, part with my dog, part with my dear friend M.
December 24 - 4.4 miles
Total  above  44.1 miles

Here are some of my photos from the walks

December 21 - on the beach -my mother:

Another day - large cactus

Starting the evening walk

Arriving home afternoon walk

The day of the "texture" walk

And a few from the walk in the rain

To think I would have missed such beauty in nature if I had not walked .  Every walk has become a visual celebration.

OMG only 9.1 to Marco -I'll probably walk again tonight at least 2.2. I am proud of myself, love the walking, feel fantastic and am most happy to learn that a new healthy habit can be created.

What are you doing today to celebrate your life?

7:26 p.m. back from another 2.2 mile walk - took pictures of Christmas Eve in our neighborhood

6.9 to Marco

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