Thursday, October 7, 2010


1.  I majored in cultural anthropology in college and loved learning about people around the world.
2.  During one year in college, I lived in an International Friendship House
3.  I spent one year in college in Jerusalem, Israel - a magical city and would like to live there someday.
4.  I started on my MSW graduate degree on my 49th birthday and a friend brought flowers to the classroom.
5.  I work as an activities director in a senior daycare center and adore the clients  - who share wisdom, joy of life and so much more.
6.  I am blessed with many magnificent friends who care about things that are real and important, and are making a difference in the world each and every day.
7.  I have a brother who is an angel on earth - a loving soul who is gentle and kind.
8.  I appreciate nature, flowers, the breeze, the sky, the trees, the rain, the birds.....
9.  I have a husband who is loving and supportive, and we have 2 "fantabulous" children.
10.  I am grateful.


  1. 11. And I'm grateful for the DOC for the ability to "meet" people like you! :)

  2. So nice to learn more about you Ellen. Thanks for sharing. :)